Medical Supplies Galore!

If you were in charge of buying items for a hospital or clinic or even had your own practice, you should make the most of a government seized item auction. You can find an innumerable number of medical supplies out there that are brand new and ready to be bought at a discount! You can find anything from stretchers, medical machines, exam tables, sensors, gurneys, robes, IV stands, or anything medical you can think of. Usually these items sell for less than their original prices. Medical equipment can be very expensive and with these auction you really can score a deal. They also go on in every state. If you were a doctor looking to outfit your new office with some top of the line items then you should definitely check out a live or online government auction!

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services 3d print, prototype, mold, architectural models

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3dprint  is a leading Malaysia service bureau specializing in
Rapid Prototyping, CAD Drawing, Product Design and Development, and Rigid Packaging Design.

Using a technology called FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D Rapid Prototyping, we can bring your ideas into reality. You can significantly lower your production costs,
reduce expensive revisions, get better products to market faster and improve the bottom line.

Just send us your 3d file for quotation, and when you ready to order, we will print it out and deliver to you.
Nothing communicates design ideas faster than a three-dimensional part or model. With our in-house artist we can bring your ideas into reality-right from 3d CAD models. Test form, fit and function and as many design iterations as desired can be achieved,
with our functional ABS parts.

Our service is available to anybody, from large to small companies even to individuals.

.  Using models during the design process can radically simplify the understanding of potential problems.
.  As a presentation aid, ANYONE can have an input on the design process.
.  Creating clarity within the design will save both time and money bringing products to market.
.   The potential to offer multiple concepts at the early stage makes presentations quicker and more efficient.
.   A model can sell a design quicker.
.  If a picture paints a thousand words imagine what a model can convey.

Strength in weakness

Depressed patients, overworked nurses and isolation rooms fill the corridors of this immensely dreary, sterile building. There is commotion and movement in every corner with deceiving optimism, but the uneasy spirit of lifelessness and apprehension screams even louder. All that was once healthy and vibrant seem sunk in a deep degeneracy and degradation of mind and body.

Taking all precautions, I place a clean mask over my face and quickly walk past the isolation rooms to make my way over to my friend’s room. He greets me with a plastered smile, and it doesn’t take me long to figure out he is in critical condition. His room appears clean, but is cluttered with medical equipment and other miscellaneous items that do nothing to create a much needed ambiance of healing and relaxation. Despite the mix of medicine and body odor lingering in the thick, stuffy air, the windows remain tightly shut under a dark green curtain that looks more like a carpet. An atmosphere of anxiety and gloom is dense in here.

Sharing this tiny space with us is an old, Nicaraguan man named Daniel. He appears way too jolly for a sick patient and I wonder if he’s senile. We exchange simple words of courtesy between his long, painful coughs and I begin to sense his loneliness and longing for companionship. Even so, I stay as far removed from him as possible to avoid contracting the virus responsible for his dwindling health. Each time he coughs, I not only hear, but am jarred by the idea of being infected by the phlegm and/or other unknown fluids spewing out from his wet, uncovered mouth.

Hours pass before I realize he has, without my permission, worked his way into my heart. He calls me by my Spanish name every 30 minutes or so and refers to me as his daughter. He uses what little energy he has with his feeble arms to bring me his chair so I can prop my feet up during the night. He encourages me to learn Spanish and asks me to practice speaking with him. Every now and then, he looks completely distracted and resumes talking again by telling me how “bonita” I am. His compliments don’t flatter me, but they mean more to me than the various contrived generalities with which some men try to win my affection. Amidst this gloomy, depressing environment, a 90-year old man fading away with pneumonia is somehow putting a smile on my face and placing courage back into my heart. In return, I give him my affection, the only thing I have to offer to this strangely familiar old man.

I wish for his health to return so he can tell me more stories of his youth, his family and his struggles. Alas, this sweet, gentle old man, who is also incredibly sharp, is a diabetic with pneumonia, withering away by the hour and drowning internally in his own bodily fluids. Before long, he will leave this place along with other patients on this floor, and it makes me consider how my last moments will be perceived and the ways in which I will impact the people in my life. What colors will I show when my body is deteriorating and death becomes the most tangible, inescapable reality?

I have long ways to go before I can match Daniel’s strength and grace.

Killer Infections

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What is this deadly infection that’s killed 6 babies at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Belfast, Ireland?

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common bacterium that can cause disease in animals, including humans. It is found in soil, water and on most surfaces. The symptoms of such infections are generalized inflammation and sepsis. If such colonizations occur in critical body organs, such as the lungs, the urinary tract, and kidneys, the results can be fatal especially in new born babies. Because this bacteria thrives on most surfaces, sometimes it can be found on medical equipment, causing cross-infections in hospitals and clinics.

New born babies are vulnerable due to their undeveloped immune system.

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Murphy’s Law: preparing for EVERYTHING

We had the STUFF, but we need to do even more prep work this time

So our last trip to Disney was eventful, to say the least. Natalie’s portable suction machine died out on us, resulting in a middle of the night trip to Wal-Mart that just about resulted in a traffic ticket, followed by an early morning, emergency call to the front desk for a medical supply company that would rent equipment. All of this could have been prevented if:

  1. I had brought our home suction machine as back-up, for the hotel at least;
  2. I had researched locations of necessary stores (Wal-Mart, gas stations, pharmacies, etc.)
  3. I had researched medical supply companies that rent equipment

Thankfully, we were able to find a company to rent us a suction machine. What a life saver! But this time around, I plan on researching addresses and phone numbers of all relevant things I may need. I can say that the front desk of the Caribbean Beach Resort was great, and has probably seen it all and knew exactly where to direct us. BUT…I prefer to be prepared this time. So here’s what I found:

Kissimmee , FL , 34741


This site also shows that they rent strollers, even strollers that seat up to three kids. Every single piece of equipment we could possibly need for Natalie is available here–Cough Assist, nebulizer, suction, biPap. They also have scooters, oxygen, bath equipment, and more for rent. It’s not like we’re too lazy to bring the stuff–we bought a utility trailer just to tote Nat’s gear. But things have a strange habit of dying on us at the most inopportune times, so this place looks like a one-stop shop.

102 Drennen Rd. B-1
Orlando, Florida 32806

Phone (407) 856-2273

This, I think, is the company we went with last time. They offer a few less services, with the only ones being needed by us being suction machines and nebulizers, but I suppose if those are what we need and there are none available with the other company, here’s a back-up option!


7767 W Irlo Bronson Blvd

Kissimmee, FL 34747

Just in case there would be something we would need, medicine wise, that we couldn’t find at Wal-Mart, I included the nearest Walgreens, just to be safe.


3250 Vineland Road

Health Central

10000 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee, FL  34761


Osceola Regional Medical Center

700 West Oak Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741


Southlake Hospital

1099 Citrus Tower Blvd, Clermont, FL 34711


Winnie Palmer Hospital

83 West Miller Street, Orlando FL 32806


So on the whole, this has been a pretty depressing article, I suppose. I’ve researched and looked up and perused everything about the fun of Disney, but I am a parent, so I need to be prepared for all possible outcomes. Because as they  attribute to Murphy’s Law: if it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and at least now I (and any readers I have) have the resources I may need without have a 2 a.m. panic.

Permata Karya Utama, PT


Company Info
We are engaged in the sale of ” hospital equipment ” and medical equipment.

Supplier Division
We are one supplier in Indonesia which provides hospital or medical equipment. We are always ready to assist you in providing all medical equipment from several leading medical brands. We also distribute a variety of ” medical equipment ” disposable at an affordable price.

Being the leading and largest medical companies in Indonesia.

1. Providing quality health products at competitive prices
2. Build and maintain public confidence in the products we offer
3. Providing excellent service by giving priority to the interests and needs of customers

Product :

Microscope Binacular CX-21

Features Description :

This clinical level lab microscope is designed with the doctor of veterinary medicine in mind. This Olympus CX 21 comes with Olympus PLAN objectives. The small footprint of the CX21 is ideal for those who have ” counter top space ” or ” storage space ” concerns. You would be hard pressed to find a microscope with such high quality optics at this price.

# 10x wide field eyepieces with 18mm field of view.

# 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x oil PLAN achromat objectives.

# Quadruple revolving nosepiece.

# 1.25 Abbe condenser.

# 6 volt 20 watt halogen.

Contact Person :

Mr. Marketing Division [Sales]
E-mail: trading @permatakaryautama .com

Mobile Number:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Jalan Tanjung C3 / 26 Pamulang Barat
Tangerang Selatan, Banten

A quick note about feeding pumps

Our Enteralite Infinity feeding pump by Moog (formerly a maker of fine synthesizers) went on the fritz. For several weeks, adjusting, poking, prodding, duct-taping, etc. took an average 30-45 minutes per feeding to ensure the bag and pump were properly aligned and calibrated to allow the feeding system to work as designed.

I finally called our med-tech company rep and complained. He brought over a pump called “Kangaroo Joey” and every feeding since has worked like clockwork. Pour the formula in the bag, thread tub through pump, hook tube to Luke, press start. Every time.

If you’re having problems with your enteralite infinity, I strongly suggest switching over to the Kangaroo Joey.

Surgical Instruments Forging 101

The quality, finish, and functionality of a surgical instrument is greatly affected by the quality of forging used. Die making and forging are perhaps amongst the most important and basic processes that help create world class medical devices. Having said that, what is forging anyways?

Forging is a method of shaping metal by applying pressure. There are various methods of forging but in surgical instruments manufacturing industry drop forging technique is the most commonly used. In this type of forging, stainless steel of various grades is heated to a certain temperature and placed between two dies. One of the dies is dropped on the heated metal with pressure causing the metal to expand into the die cavity that is already precisely carved in the shape of the desired instrument. Normally, multiple hits through various dies is required before the forging process is considered complete.

The quality, precision, and finish of the die, along with the quality of stainless steel used will greatly affect the standard of the surgical instrument under manufacturing. For more informative articles on surgical instruments, don’t forget to sign up to our blog.

My First Blog Post / An Introduction

Hello world. My name is Joey Graham and I’m the Director of Operations and Administration for Gulf Medical Services (, a mid-sized durable medical equipment (DME)/ home medical equipment (HME) company that operates in the Florida panhandle and Southern Alabama. We sell and rent medical equipment to people and we bill their insurance for it. I’m also the Vice President and CFO for Best Bet Rentals, Inc. ( Best Bet is a start-up company that specializes in the cash sales / internet side of the home medical equipment industry. Where Gulf Medical focuses on treating sickness, Best Bet focuses on health and life.

I also have a Masters of Business Administration that I earned from the University of West Florida, College of Business, an AACSB accredited business school. I started working at Gulf Medical the summer after I graduated from high school and continued working there throughout college. During my first two years when I was working towards an Associate’s degree, I was driving Gulf Medical’s trucks delivering medical equipment as a Service Technician. I also worked the office as a Customer Service Representative. Then, when I started work on my Bachelor’s degree, I relocated to the corporate office and worked the Billing and Collections Dept. Finally, when I began my Master’s program, I was promoted to the Executive Assistant to the President. All of this groomed me for my current position – I’m the #2 guy in the company, over nearly every department and manager. I like to say that I earned my real-world MBA at Gulf Medical at the same time that i earned my academic MBA from UWF.

Why am I writing this blog? To pass on the knowledge that I gain every day working at both Gulf Medical and Best Bet. I want to share about new and old home medical products as well as insurance coverage of medical equipment. I’ll be answering questions about what products best help you cope with various medical conditions. I’ll also address specific insurance guidelines for medical equipment to help you know when you should seek to have your health insurance pay for your medical equipment, and when you should just buy it yourself and skip the hassle. For example, some medical equipment requires so much testing to keep you “qualified” for insurance coverage, that its often more cost effective for you to just buy it outright rather than pay the copays and deductibles for all the office visits and tests, all of which may end up saying that you’re not qualified.

So, its good to meet you world. I hope we’ll have a long and fulfilling relationship. I’m always open to meeting new people and helping answer questions, so feel free to contact me at if you have any questions, concerns, or comments for me. I’m also available on LinkedIn.

Kindest Regards,
Joey Graham
HME Executive

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