NEW Comed KMC-950 C-Arm is a Surprise Success (

The new Comed KMC-950 took us by surprise.  We did not expect to see a Korean C-Arm that could go “toe-to-toe” with GE/OEC for quality, ease of use and features.  Think Samsung and Hyundai.

This is a COMED KMC-950 delivered in October 2011 to a surgery center client here in Florida.

And now the best part:?  The Comed KMC-950 is virtually half the price of a new GE/OEC C-Arm.

And it comes with a Two (2) Year Warranty.  That’s hard to beat.

Image quality is excellent, as the system uses a Varian rotating anode x-ray tube, and Toshiba image intensifier.  This is the same imaging chain as systems that sell for twice the price.

The COMED KMC-950 is universally loved at this surgery center in Florida. It is currently performing over 50 procedures a week, and is being used by 5 different doctors and 3 different C-Arm techs.

All of this is really good news for Pain Management, Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine.

Other standard built-in features include DICOM, USB, and CD Burning.

Unlike the GE/OEC and Philips model C-Arms, the COMED does NOT use batteries.  That means your C-Arm doesn’t have to be kept plugged-in, and you can forget about the $1500-2000 you now spend on replacing batteries every two years.

The system also features the market’s largest free-space of 32 Inches, and a 45-Degree Overscan– which is excellent for discograms, etc. etc.

And after the 2-Year Warranty is up?  Expect to pay 30-50% less for a service contract.  The systems have a simplified, modular design that makes them easier to service.

For brochures, quotes, trade-in values on your old C-Arm, and a current client reference list, please call 800-722-3646.