What You Should Know When Buying Medical Laboratory Equipment

lab equipment

lab equipment

There are some important factors that have to be taken into account when buying medical lab equipment. A well-equipped lab would help ensure that lab procedures are efficiently performed.

A well-equipped lab with all the necessary medical instruments and devices would ensure efficiency, accuracy and promptness in laboratory procedures. To source the right kind of products, you need to be discerning when buying medical laboratory equipment for your healthcare facility.

Buying Medical Laboratory Equipment – Things to Consider

Features and specifications – Before buying medical equipment, do some thorough research about the product. Go to dealer or manufacturer websites and other reliable sources to study the features, specifications and other related facts about the product you intend to purchase. Make sure that the product you choose meets your laboratory’s specific research requirements.

Quality – The market is flooded with various brands of lab equipment. It is important that you buy the right model and good brand. Accuracy, efficient functioning and durability are important features to consider   when you invest in expensive medical lab devices. So make sure you buy a quality device from a leading manufacturer. Go for products from reliable names such as Roche Diagnostics, Beckman, Clay Adams and Unico.

If you are looking at recertified equipment, your ideal option is to buy from a well known dealer that specializes in selling such devices. Reliable dealers will ensure that the used equipment they buy is put through a well-organized refurbishment process so that it functions like new. Stringent quality control will ensure that these products are revamped in a way that they meet original manufacturer specifications.

Budget – Consider your budget when you invest in expensive lab equipment. If you have budget limitations, buying recertified equipment is an ideal option as they are available at prices much lower than new, but work efficiently.

Accessories – Many of the dealers provide parts and accessories along with the products they sell. If you are buying chemistry lab equipment, make sure that spare parts are available as also reagents, controls and consumables.

Warranty – To ensure lasting performance, check out whether the medical equipment you purchase comes with proper warranty. When it comes to used products, check whether they have parts warranty.

Shipping and return policy – It is advisable to go through the shipment terms and conditions, return policy, charges and other related details to avoid complications that could arise during transport. If you notice that the product is damaged on delivery, notify the dealer immediately.

Post-purchase service – When you choose a supplier, consider post-sales support offered. A reliable dealer would offer in-house service and repair, customized on-site annual service contracts, Preventive Maintenance (PM) service contracts, and ongoing personal support services.

There are numerous medical equipment suppliers in the US. When buying medical laboratory equipment, find a one-stop-shop that can offer you all need at reasonable prices.


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