The Diagnostic Medical Imaging Equipment Business (

After 23 years of brokering, refurbishing, selling, installing, and exporting both new and used diagnostic medical imaging equipment, I feel as though I’m a pretty good gauge of how the business looks currently, how it has changed over the past couple of decades, and where it is all headed.

I’ve sold refurbished/used CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT, Digital Mammography, C-Arms, Nuclear Medicine Gamma Cameras, Bone Densitometers, Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, PACS, CR, DR, Linear Accelerators, and a half dozen other types of medical equipment.

Instead of grand proclamations, I’d like to use this space to relate some anecdotes, tell some (true) stories, and impart whatever very small amount of wisdom I’ve accumulated after being “educated” in this ever challenging, always interesting medical equipment marketplace.