Medical Equipment for Hospitals and Research Laboratories

The accuracy of medical tests and experiments largely depends on the kind of equipment used. Medical equipment> manufactured by top names in the industry comes with advanced features and functionalities to ensure quality output. Hospitals and research laboratories can source such equipment from established CCR (Central Contractor Registration) certified medical laboratory equipment suppliers that offer both brand new and recertified models of various medical lab devices at reasonable prices.

Equipment to Ensure Flawless Performance

Hospitals and research laboratories require medical equipment such as blood gas analyzers, autoclaves, coagulation analyzers, immunology analyzers, microscopes, hematology analyzers, incubators, DNA analyzers, differential counters, gamma counters, urinalysis analyzers, microbiological systems, and more. New equipment comes with the latest technology and functions efficiently.

Though expensive, brand new models of medical laboratory equipment ensure many advantages:

  • Speed and accuracy: New devices come with advanced technology and specifications so that complex applications can be done accurately and quickly.
  • Flawless performance: Brand new medical laboratory appliances are stringently evaluated to ensure quality performance. This ensures there are no technical flaws and that the device works smoothly.
  • Manufacturer warranty: New medical equipment comes with manufacturer warranty of up to one or two years for the parts or for the device as a whole. So research facilities can easily claim for the replacement of parts or the device as a whole if it malfunctions.

Recertified Equipment: A Money Saving Option

Based on their budget specifications, research labs and hospitals can also go in for used and recertified devices.

Recertified medical lab equipment is a perfect option for research facilities operating on tight budgets. Most established distributors offer used and recertified devices at reasonable prices. Though priced low, there is no compromise when it comes to quality. They ensure excellent performance and durability. Before being put up for sale, used laboratory devices are thoroughly evaluated. If malfunctions are detected, the devices are revamped by factory-trained technicians. The reconditioning procedures performed include disassembling, replacement of parts, and repair in strict accordance with the specifications of the original manufacturer. Reconditioned devices are retested and if the performance is satisfactory, they are cleaned, packed, recertified, and offered for sale with extended warranty and proper service contracts.

Established Distributor for Quality Equipment

Hospitals and research laboratories should purchase the medical equipment they need from reliable CCR-certified lab equipment suppliers. Most online laboratory equipment suppliers maintain a wide product inventory that features medical lab devices from well-known brands. So labs can choose the equipment they need after comparing brands, features, technical specifications, warranty options, and prices. Purchasing from an established distributor ensures premium devices at competitive prices, efficient post-sales support and safe product delivery.