China’s medical equipment

China is already the third largest medical equipmentl market in the world, after the United States and Japan. Within 5 to 7 years, China will surpass Japan and become the second largest medical equipment market in the world.

Meantime, the exports of the medical bed are also hot. China exported 12.7 billion USD worth of medical device to the world, is three times the amount of imports. One of the typical products is medical bed.

A hospital Bed apparatus is provided that has a body frame, a hoisting assembly and a hammock supported from the hoisting assembly by hanging strings. The body frame is positioned over a hospital bed or the like and a person is placed on the hammock.

A pair of drums is provided in the hoisting assembly so that the hanging strings may be hoisted or wound on the drums in a first direction to lift the hammock. The drums are preferably cone-shaped such that the head portion of the hammock is initially lifted at a rate that is faster than the rate the foot portion of the hammock is lifted.

Once the person’s upper torso is substantially upright, the lifting rate for the head and foot portion of the hammock are substantially equal. Once the person is lifted, the hoisting assembly is horizontally movable in directions so that the person may be maneuvered away from the medical equipment and positioned in an upright sitting position over a urinal, bath or chair.

The lifting and maneuvering procedure may be reversed so that the person is repositioned over the hospital Bed and returned to a substantially horizontal position by reversing the hoist direction of the drums. The hanging strings are maintained in a substantially vertical orientation by moving the drum hoisting the head portion and the drum hoisting the foot portion of the hammock toward each other as the person is lifted and moving the drums away from each other as the person is lowered.

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