The need of increase hospital bed

It is crunch time again at some hospitals, It also diverted ambulances to other hospitals almost on a regular basis.The current situation is not yet that hospital Bed.The hard-pressed hospitals have initiated contingency plans.

We expect demand for Medical beds to rise in tandem with a growing total population and a higher proportion of elderly residents.”

As empty beds include those in intensive care – which must always have some empty beds for emergencies – and isolation wards, there could be very few ward beds of Medical Equipment available for patients arriving early the next day.

While remained at the range of one to 1.5 hours with the occasional spike, these are happening more often. And only half the patients got a bed within three hours.

A follow-up article showed the situation, but also added that the increase in the number of patients seemed quite sudden:

Industry watchers attribute the high medical hospital bed demand to the rapidly ageing population. What is surprising is that this appears to have happened overnight.

We expect demand for beds like electric medical hospital bed to rise in tandem with a growing total population and a higher proportion of elderly residents.

Now, it so happened that we had a census in 2010, and the Statistics Department even published a neat little table titled “Elderly population”.

As you can see, the total number of elderly persons grew 48.7 percent over the decade, or about 4 percent per year on a compounded rate. The number of the very elderly (i.e. over 75 years old) grew even faster, at about 5.5 percent per year, to total about 70 percent over ten years.

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