I love hospital socks…

I love hospital socks…

I love hospital socks.

by Jaeda Barbie

It is something about comfy, yet sturdy; blue, pink, red shoe socks. I have kept the ones from the birth of my daughter, as well as my numerous stays in the hospital. There is something uniquely reliable about them. I can find positives in almost anything now in my life. I was not always this way. I know some readers are probably laughing out loud at such a silly post, but we must be able to find happiness in even the little things.

The pretty ceiling fan than blows cool air over my head, is a reminder that it helps me not to have to turn on the expensive a/c. I am encouraging my readers to look at every little thing as a blessing, and watch how peaceful and happy your life can be. And you didn’t think you could get anything out of a post about hospital socks.

Luke 16:10(Bible in Basic English) He who is true in a little, is true in much; he who is false in small things, is false in great.

Copyright 2011 JaedaBarbie


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