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Buy used or refurbished medical equipment as an effective alternative to purchasing new. Large modern healthcare facilities often liquidate their equipment only after a few years of use and only a short journey on their expected lifespan.  You can find this equipment for sale at prices that may assist your facility in expanding its capabilities beyond its forecasted budget. The growing presence of the internet has allowed many medical equipment dealers to offer quality inspected and certified medical equipment to the worldwide market.  Why is this important?  It is important in providing low cost, high quality medical equipment solutions to providers that may have had to pass on the opportunity to purchase the equipment from OEMs in the past.

Used medical equipment can provide even more dependability than a new OEM unit. When purchasing used medical equipment it is important to inquire that the unit that you are purchasing has been inspected individually.  If you are choosing a refurbished or certified unit, the equipment has received the highest level of testing.  New units are often only tested in samples increments, such as one from each hundred off the production line, depending on the manufacturer. It is easy to see why many healthcare providers are confident in their purchase and use of used medical equipment.

Refurbished warranties can rival an OEM offering and often are more comprehensive; some may even include an immediate replacement.  These warranties are available from knowledgeable and reputable dealers worldwide. Medical Equipment Dynamics, Inc. offers a wide variety of used, refurbished, and warranty plans on a range of medical equipment. Contact their sales team today to inquire on all the benefits of purchasing used medical equipment.

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June 1, 2011

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