Klobuchar Leans In On Support For Roe V. Wade, Planned Parenthood

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar trotted out statistics at the November Democratic presidential candidates’ debate — suggesting that sweeping majorities oppose some of the abortion and reproductive health care policies backed by the Trump administration.

U.S. vaping-related deaths rise to 47, cases of illness to 2,290

A man uses a vaping product in the Manhattan borough of New York, New York, U.S., September 17, 2019. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

(Reuters) – U.S. health officials on Thursday reported 2,290 confirmed and probable cases and 5 more deaths from a mysterious respiratory illness tied to vaping, taking the total death toll to 47 so far this year.

As of Nov. 20, these deaths have been confirmed in 25 states and the District of Columbia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.

Last week, the agency reported 2,172 cases and 42 deaths from the illness.

Factbox: U.S. vaping-related deaths rise to 47

(Reuters) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday confirmed 47 deaths and 2,290 confirmed and probable illnesses associated with vaping in the United States.

As of Nov. 20, deaths have been reported from 25 states and among ages 17-75 years, according to CDC data.

The CDC has identified vitamin E acetate as a “chemical of concern” among people with the vaping-associated lung injury known as EVALI.

The agency has urged people not to use e-cigarettes with marijuana ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, saying the high-inducing component may have a role in causing the illness.

Smoke-free is the way to be

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Every year, more people die from lung cancer than any other type of cancer, and smoking is the leading cause. In addition to lung cancer, smoking can cause other health problems, like heart disease and respiratory diseases. More than 34 million people in the U.S. still smoke tobacco, but quitting smoking can help prevent these health problems. You can quit smoking today, and Medicare can help.

Low libido in older women not just down to menopause

Menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years. Along with it, comes various effects, including irregular to the complete cessation of periods, insomnia, mood swings, irritability, hot flushes, and decreased sexual drive.

Now, women older than 60 may experience a decrease in sexual drive and libido, and it’s not just because of menopause, a new study suggests.

A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine revealed that women in their 60s report many reasons behind a lack of libido. Published in the journal Menopause, the qualitative study explored on the possible reasons for their lack of desire for sex. They found that aside from going through menopause, there are a multitude of other factors affecting libido, including postmenopausal vaginal symptoms, fatigue or body pain, body image, life stressors, and erectile dysfunction in their partners.

Rheumatoid arthritis linked to other diseases, finds new study

A study led by the Mayo Clinic published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, found that the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is higher in people with type 1 diabetes, blood clotting disorders, or inflammatory bowel disease.

rheumatoid arthritisImage Credit: Puwadol Jaturawutthichai / Shutterstock.com

In addition, patients with RA have a higher chance of heart disease, clots within blood vessels, and sleep apnea. This should prompt patients and their doctors to look for RA in patients with any of the preceding conditions and to screen RA patients for cardiovascular disease and sleep apnea if relevant symptoms occur.

Affordable Mental Health Care? It’s Getting Even Tougher to Access

Eleven years after Congress passed a law mandating that insurers provide equal access for mental and physical health care, Americans are actually finding it harder to obtain affordable treatment for mental illness and substance abuse issues. The barriers to parity continue despite a bipartisan consensus that more must be done to confront the nation’s devastating opioid epidemic, rising suicide rates and surging rates of teen depression and anxiety.

France pledges debt relief for hospitals, unions call another strike

PARIS (Reuters) – France will absorb 10 billion euros ($11.1 billion) of public hospital debt, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Wednesday, in an emergency measure designed to end months of protests by disgruntled doctors and nurses.

French hospitals and health workers on strike attend a demonstration urging the French government to provide more means, more staff to overworked hospitals and emergency services, in Paris, France, November 14, 2019. REUTERS/Johanna Geron – RC21BD9A8987

Philippe also promised an extra 1.5 billion euros over three years for hospitals, including an 800 euro bonus for 40,000 nurses and carers earning less than 1,900 euros per month.

Alnylam’s rare genetic disorder drug gets early U.S. approval

(Reuters) – Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc on Wednesday received an early U.S. approval for its gene silencing drug to treat patients with a rare genetic disorder that can cause severe pain.

The drug, Givlaari, uses a mechanism known as RNA interference to target and “silence” specific genetic material, blocking the production of the protein that causes the disease called acute hepatic porphyria.

The buildup of the protein can cause acute seizures that occur suddenly and can produce permanent neurological damage and death, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Statins Won’t Harm Aging Brains, and May Even Help

News Picture: Statins Won't Harm Aging Brains, and May Even HelpBy Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter

Latest Alzheimer’s News

MONDAY, Nov. 18, 2019 (HealthDay News) — Concerns that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can impair brain health appear to be unfounded, according to new research.

“Statins won’t make you stupid or cause memory loss,” said lead researcher Dr. Katherine Samaras, a professor of medicine at St. Vincent’s Clinical School of Medicine in Darlinghurst, Australia.

And for some people at risk of dementia, statins like Lipitor (atorvastatin) and Crestor (rosuvastatin) may improve memory and mental functioning, her team found.